Every Child is special

Putting your ambition into the child is worse than CHILD LABOR” by: kristine sevilla

This movie gives a strong message which can be easily decoded and understood, to all the kids, parents and to-be-parents. Nowadays, the world is very competitive. As if you are always oblige to do the best, to be always at number one, to always meet everyone’s expectations, or rather, the WORLD’s expectations. Most parents, wants their children to reach the highest post and if one of these children in the race is unable to do it, he is treated as if he has committed a crime as if second place was never ever an option. This movie comes at a right time and it explains to everyone that “EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL”! Every child has something special that no one can ever compare.


Watching this movie should be an eye opener to all parents about the kind of pressure the education system puts on young kids. Being a topper and doing extremely well in academics is not everything in life. It should also open the eye of schools to kids with learning problems and they should not be confused with kids who have psychological problems.

Hats off to the director too (which is my favorite actor as well). The screenplay is very nice. Story flows naturally and audience can identify the characters easily. There is a beautiful portrayal of emotions. The child actor Darsheel Safari (Ishaan) depicts any normal naughty kid. An immaculate acting by such a small kid is praiseworthy. Cinematography is excellent and songs are appropriate to the situations. A movie which has a social message, is a replica of the society and (again) a must watch for everyone. This movie entertains you, and still makes you think. It carries a message that life is really not about getting the top grades and competing with others, don’t try stretching all the fingers, they might break! Sometimes in life, it is healthy to be slow and dumb.

In the movie, all scenes are important. There is not a single unnecessary scene in the movie. The scenes in the first half nicely show the various emotions and difficulties faced by a dyslexic child in his everyday life. The post-interval portions were equally good. The best part is the climax-it will surely give you a lump in your throat! On the whole, it is as wonderful as a gem! It’s a true masterpiece. It is a rare film which entertains as well as enlightens.


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