Think in pictures

The movie is very amazing, not just amazing but also very entertaining at the same time you can get a lot of inspiration. There was one quotation on the movie that caught my attention. Mrs. Grandin told Dr. Carlock (Temple’s science teacher) that Temple might be “different but not less”. Temple was different among others because of her autism, but her condition doesn’t stop her from being excellent and definitely from being amazingly different in a good way. I can relate to what Temple wants to be. I, myself, want to be different as well. I want to be different from the others. Different but not less. For me, it is through being different that I proved that I deserved my existence. How would I be different? Not only by having my own decisions, my own principles in life, not only for making a stand for what I believed in but simply by not being afraid to try something new. To open doors that will lead us from a different choice, from a different life, and from a different YOU.


                        In the movie, Temple always thought of a “door” every time she’s facing something that will cause her anxiety. The door, for me, signifies “opportunities.” Every morning when I woke up, I always want myself to be reminded that opportunities knock only once, so I will give my best to everything that I will be doing as if it will be the last time for me to do it. Also, we should not be afraid to take risk to gain experience, to gain success, and to learn from every opportunity that will come to our way. Temple was never afraid to try new doors, even if she was not sure about what’s waiting behind every door. It was very inspiring for me, giving me the assurance that everyone deserves a new door of opportunities whatever and whoever you are. It was just a matter of having a brave heart and a consistent desire.


                        I became very sentimental seeing Temple’s squeeze machine. For me, it signifies “good character, love and support from your loved ones” As what Temple explained, the squeeze machine gives her a feeling of comfort and love that she might receive from any human which totally helped her to be more relax and to function normally. At times of struggles and hardships, sometimes all we need is someone who loved us, someone who respect us, and someone who understands us better than we do to ourselves. But it would be a great help if we had a good character. Inspite of Temple’s autism, her good character never ran out of sight. As what Temple said, “Having a bad manner would going to hurt you”. Teach kids with right manner, so when they grew up that will be their strength in dealing with a cruel world.


                        In the end, no one in this world can ever help you except God and yourself as well, so strive hard! Be different! Prove your existence! And make something that people will remember something from you, make a legacy. Do something good. Follow excellence, no matter what you are and who you are. Let’s all be like Temple, “different but not less”


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